The newest offering from Southern Substation is Vibration

This testing can detect machine problems before a serious
failure occurs. Early detection of excessive vibration:
1. Can eliminate production loss
2. Reduce motor shutdowns
3. Reduces power required to operate motors/pumps
4. Increases your plants overall efficiency
5. Prolong impeller and compressor life
6. Prevent foundation and footing from fracturing

  Vibration analysis can also help
1. Correct misalignment or out-of-balance conditions
2. Detect deterioration in machinery and fix minor problems
before they become expensive failures.
3. Avoid bearing failure and possible motor shaft

Key features of this testing is:
Non-destructive, Precise detection, can and needs to be
done while your plant is running (no need to set up any
down time for testing).

As you can see this testing has the potential for saving your
company wasted money in energy costs, repair costs, and
down time costs.

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analysis needs.
Vibration Analysis