Indigo TVS-620
Indigo TVS-620

One of the services performed by Southern Substation is the thermal survey. We
found that for a relatively small charge, we can pinpoint the problem areas in
your electrical distribution system before they can cause costly damage and lost
production. This is accomplished through the use of the Indigo TVS-620 high
resolution infrared scanner with a heat sensitive gun for accurate temperature
readings. It is an extremely effective method for determining where to put
emphasis on corrective maintenance during your next shutdown period.

As you know, all electrical conductors that are under load generate heat which
can be detected with an infrared scanner. Any connection that is not of the
highest integrity has a greater resistance than normal and will therefore create
more heat than a connection of high integrity. With our high resolution scanner,
we can detect temperature differences of as little as 1/2 degree. Overloaded,
corroded and unbalanced circuitry will show up as well. Each problem is
photographed and noted on the report with specific notes as to location, cause
and recommended repair procedures.(Please see examples at the bottom of this

When you are quoted by Southern Substation, Inc., all charges are included in a
per day fee. The price includes: film, labor, reports, travel and all expenses

Infrared scans can be performed with no interruption to your normal production
schedule and in fact, are most effective when your facility is under its heaviest

We have recently updated our Infrared Imaging Equipment:
(Please see images at the top of this page)
The new Indigo TVS-620 system features:    
-Extremely high resolution, high definition digital photos.
-Temperature differentials automatically recorded on the digital infrared photos.
Extremely accurate for exact analysis of the problem.
-Digital Image Storage.
-PC Based Graphical Interface applications.
-ISO 9001 Certification.
-Automatic Internal Temperature Calibration.
-Minimum and Maximum area temperature measurement.
Report samples
Report samples
Infrared Surveys