Southern Substation completely disassembles each Breaker and all mechanisms and
pieces are inspected for wear and deterioration, any not meeting certain standards
are replaced. Contacts are cleaned and the mechanism adjusted or repaired to good
working order. Trip units are removed and completely disassembled, cleaned and
repaired as necessary. All metallic surfaces are sandblasted and re-primed and
re-painted with approved paint. The gaskets are replaced as necessary the Breaker
is then reassembled and load tested with all adjustments being made as necessary.
Major silver plating and contact re-tipping can be done as well  but at an additional
cost. Southern Substation can rebuild most any Breaker(Air Frame, Metal Clad, or
Molded Case) that you might have and would be happy to give a quote on doing so,
Just contact us with your needs and our friendly staff will help you.
Before Rebuilding
WestingHouse DB-50
WestingHouse DB-50
After Rebuilding
WestingHouse DB-50
WestingHouse DB-50
Retipped & Resilvered contacts


Southern Substations technicians have many years experience in retrofitting breakers and can do most any
breaker, the kit we use most often is the AC-PRO made by utility relay company this is a full function
microprocessor based trip unit and has the following standard features Long-time, Short-time, Instantaneous,
Ground fault, and Phase Unbalance. It has true RMS sensing, Programming data is stored in non-volatile
EEPROM memory, 16 character LCD, with continuous 3-Phase current metering while in service,Last trip data,
Pick-up indication, and Self-Test OK feature. AC-PRO's can be supplied as part of a complete retrofit kit or as a
direct replacement used with existing 1/2 or 1 amp ct's and magnetically latched actuators. AC-PRO's also have
an optional RS-485 communications port allowing the following information to be monitored: Currents 3-Phase,
Voltages 3-Phase L-L & L-N, KW 3-Phase, KVA 3-Phase, Power Factor 3-Phase, Breaker Position, Last trip data
Trip Counter, Alarm Conditions, Trip unit settings.

Southern Substations technicians also can retrofit breakers using any electronic trip units that a customer might
require to match existing trip units in service at their facility, such as Static Trip II and III's, Micro-Versa trip,
Limi-trip, Opti-trip I and II, Multilin, Amptector, Digitrip,and many more.

So please contact us with your needs.

Circuit Breaker Rebuilding and Retrofitting